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1. What are the benefits I get from the Starters workouts?

The workouts are designed to make proven smart, safe and effective exercises available to people looking to increase their daily physical activity and improve their fitness levels. Each 10-minute session is comprised of a carefully selected sequence of fundamentally sound resistance exercises that will benefit you in a number of ways, including increased aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and efficiency, increased body and joint tissue integrity, increased neuromuscular efficiency, control and output, and improved hormone and chemical release.

And that’s not all. As a result of these changes, you’ll be able to visibly see and feel:
• More Energy
• More Strength
• More Power
• More Lean Body Mass
• Better Balance
• Better Joint Stability
• Better Flexibility
• Better Mood + Outlook
• Better Sleep
• Less Body Fat

2. Can you get fit from doing the Starters workouts?

Absolutely! Our goal at Starters is to give you the tools and instruction to safely overcome the under-active and unfit lifestyle that has, unfortunately, come to be the norm in our modern society.

Unlike many other fitness programs, however, Starters workouts provide you with the means to become more fit in a wider variety of ways to address both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, strength, balance, flexibility and power, to name just a few. Even more importantly, we do it with moves and progressions that allow your body to adapt to working out in a safe and healthy way, in contrast to bombarding your body with unsafe moves. Overdoing it like that forces your body into problematic compensation patterns that create an unhealthy amount of stress.

3. How fast can you see results?

Right away! Of course, it depends on what kinds of results we’re talking about. Each person’s starting fitness level, goals, and physiology are different, but as soon as you begin your first Starters workout, you are inducing cellular changes in your body, which is the start to noticeable large-scale changes.

• Depending on your individual situation, you may notice an immediate “high,” or elevation in mood after a Starters workout – in fact, studies show that exercise is just as effective or better in treating depression than the most prescription medications out there, and without any detrimental side effects!
• Positive changes to your energy levels and your quality of sleep may happen in as little as the first few days of your Starters routine.
• Neuromuscular efficiency and strength gains will increase noticeably within the first month of the Starters program
• Depending on the consistency of your workouts, noticeable body composition changes such as loss of body fat, muscle gains or weight loss should also be apparent within the first month of your Starters commitment, especially in combination with a Starters-recommended whole food, organic and nutritious lifestyle.

4. If I want to gain muscle, should I do the Starters workouts?

If you want to build muscle, you need to begin to regularly expose your existing muscle tissue to additional physical stress. In other words, you need to exercise your muscles with measurable force if you want them to grow. Starters sessions are designed to provide you with programs that allow you to exercise with loads that are both effective and appropriately safe to reach this goal.

5. If I want to lose weight, should I do the Starters sessions?

In short, yes.

More accurately though, we aren’t big advocates of arbitrary weight loss at Starters. When the average Jane and Joe go on a nutritional “diet” and lose weight, they are actually losing a combination of body fat and muscle, granting them a smaller number on the scale, but ultimately predisposing them to a weight rebound potentially worse than their original starting point.

One of the reasons a bad rebound is likely is because muscle is a much more metabolically active body tissue than fat – which means it burns many more calories, even at rest, than the exact same volume of body fat.

This means that because of Jane’s and Joe’s “diet,” they now have a significantly lower amount of muscle mass than when they started, and they are burning measurably less daily calories because of that. And, with their bodies burning fewer calories, they’ll have to actually consume a smaller amount of calories than they used to in order to not gain back any extra weight!

And as if that isn’t difficult enough, Jane and Joe get a double whammy because any additional weight gained after the diet will not likely be muscle, as they are not doing anything to stress their muscles enough to increase them.

So that means, after the diet, they end up with more body fat than they began with, even if they weigh the exact same amount! Repeat this over the course of many years, and it’s not hard to see why the average dieter gets stuck in a long-term spiral of unsuccessful diets.

The Starters program, alternatively, provides the metabolic stimulation effective enough to tap into fat storage, coupled with the appropriate force requirements needed to stimulate hypertrophy, or muscle growth, concurrently. The end result isn’t just arbitrary weight loss, but losing more fat, rather than muscle.