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Arvind Gupta

COO Arvind Gupta is co-founder with Kristrun and Maxime and brings more than a decade of experience in innovation and branding across diverse industries spanning from electronics to food & beverage in the US, Europe and Asia.

An industrial designer by training and currently design director for IDEO Asia, Arvind sees design as a way of thinking that can be used to artfully and effectively to solve problems large and small. A kickboxing and BASE jumping enthusiast, he uses Starters to help stay fit and in touch with family and friends while juggling his non-stop work schedule.

Arvind holds several US patents and is the recipient of numerous international design and innovation awards including six IDSA IDEA awards. He has been published in publications ranging from Time to Rotman Magazine to China Daily and has spoken at numerous conferences and events including the SFMOMA, TEDx Salon and TEDx New Silk Road.