A little bit every day!
Kristrun Hjartar

“We must fit change into our lives and not the other way 

around in order to achieve a healthier, happier life”

Not that long ago, Icelandic industrial designer, serial entrepreneur and former judo champion Krissa found it impossible to stay fit and manage her career at the same time. Noticing that many of her friends and family faced the same challenge, Krissa tapped into her design background and life-long passion for wellness to find a solution.

At first she just designed prototype workouts for herself and friends, but when one of her friends sent a grateful email for his improving health, she knew she wanted to dedicate herself full time to helping people get healthy and happy – and Starters was born.

Krissa is also the founder of design consultancy and lifestyle product brand Vakna Design www.vaknadesign.com, with products such as a sawhorse chair and bookmark exhibited internationally, gone to market or licensed to prestigious design stores. She’s successfully helped several companies bring their products to domestic and international markets, including the wellness product Duet, which received more than $100,000 in crowdfunding through KCIE and is currently pending patent.